About Me

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”

Proverbs 18:14

As I Traveled the Roads  Less Traveled.
My name is Miriam SiMona Stewart Howe. Forgiveness is something I have prayed for most of my life. Letting the lord control my heart, re channel my thought process, condition my soul. Forgiving; letting go of my childhood pain. I have never really spoken about my past nor of my present life. My inspirational memoir “The 46th Mile Road to Redemption” will open up one’s eye as to how you can let go of the pain from the individuals that may have hurt you mentally, emotionally, physically and vice versa. As I stepped out of the darkness into the light, the Lord showed me that my life was worth living, I had a purpose driven life. I could take back what the devil tried to steal from me. Throughout my life journeys, while I travel 46 years towards this road to redemption, I overcame many obstacles. Encountering many distractions, from the abandonment of my parents at five days old, teenage pregnancy at the age of fourteen, an unwed mother, divorce, revolving door relationships. Death right at my doorstep had taken a detrimental toll on my life, almost to the point of death. Stepping out of that place of darkness, I had lived my entire life unknowingly. The important factor!!! My personal healing is what I needed to let go and let God heal me, proceeding to the next chapter of my life. In order for me to proceed, I had to learn this… In order for my children to have forgiven me as to my past parenting failures, I had to let go and let God. I had to forgive my mother and father, ex husband, my past failed relationships, as well as forgiveness from within. Asking God for forgivenes as well, along the way. What I hadn’t realized, I had been condemning myself for the past 46 years. Realizing now, I am the head and not the tail of life’s situational circumstances. Jesus heals the torn, weary and the weak. I truly understand why forgiveness is very important. Letting go of the past pain, rejection and abandonment. I love you Lord, By his stripes I am healed. #Savedbyhisgrace72

Value yourself do not give individuals permission to devalue your self worth!! – savedbyhisgrace72

The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trusts in him….” PSALM 28:7 NIV

Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me.” PSALM 51: 10 KJV

4 Comments on “About Me

  1. I never knew this about you. It’s so crazy what journies God has for us.


  2. Greetings,
    Reading these words almost seems surreal. But because we’ve known each other for 25+years; the experiences God has delivered you from I know God is real . For certain you’re a shinning light and example of the unconditional love God had for us, that we should have for others as well as our selves. Along with a testament of deliverance and strength. I’m eagerly awaiting your book to learn about your growth and relationship as you get closer to God.
    Thank you for being a voice so many woman need.
    With love and care

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