Lord Protect our Nation

I’m going to start my blog post today with a special request, a prayer for protection.

Lord; today I am writing a letter to you, not wanting a written response of course, but a spiritual healing and blessing throughout our nation, an awakening of the mind and soul to many.

What is going on in this world today saddens my heart, I am asking for protection not only our nation but United Nations.

From the Corona Virus to the elections, riots, as well as the protesting, we place the healing of our nation in your hands.

We pray that you send your mighty angels to protect and defend us all.

Lord I am asking you to turn back the forces of evil.

Heavenly Father our President elect Biden and our Vice President elect Harris will be arriving into this heavy load, going into the 2021 year.

I am asking that you provide guidance as to the decisions that will be made within the White House, by our incoming President of the United States of America.

Biden needs your touch to lead our nation.

Strengthen him, Lord.

Provide Biden wisdom and grace, instruct him as to doing what is right for the United States of America.

Provide a safe Haven for us all.

In the Mighty Name Of Jesus

Amen !!!

I know it’s been months since I have written on my blog site, can you believe it’s coming up on two years since I started this blog site, boy does time fly!!

I wanted to touch on protection, being that our nation is going through it, with the deadly pandemic Covid -19 and this disastrous election of the 2020 year.

I am not going to hold back on this blog!!!

Ya girl is going all in!!

I Have one question Lord!!


Why have you allowed a disrespectful individual to uphold his position within the White House?

I am sure there has and always will be someone with bad intentions ready to conquer and divide the world, creating much division as well as unrest.

When does the unjust end & Unity begin?

Some might find this blog offensive, well I would like to state for the record, I find the President of the United States, actions and statements offensive as well.

I’m not an eye for an eye type of individual however, I speak for some of the American citizens.

I write from within my heart, which has been saddened by all the hatred that’s been spurred from the same leader that’s suppose to set a great intelligent example for the citizens of the United States Of America.

I can honestly say, If you voted for someone wanting to create segregation in most states, stealing money from the poor to provide to the rich, not paying taxes.. Then this blog probably isn’t for you.

Now mind you, I listen to the POTUS speeches as to what comes out of his mouth, that’s just how I set my mind as to determining his motives and my reasons as to writing this very blog praying for Protection over the Nation.


If you would like to listen to a great christian podcast… You can hear what Miriam #Savedbyhisgrace72 has been talking about lately!!

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4 Comments on “Lord Protect our Nation

  1. Thank you for sharing Simone!
    I hope you are staying healthy!
    I miss seeing you. Maybe we can go for coffee after the pandemic ends. Jodi


    • Omg Jodi I am just now seeing this!!! Absolutely I would love to grab coffee and something to eat of course!! You know I enjoy eating , I feel truly blessed that you are following me!! I have a podcast on WordPress as well called coffeetalktestimonials.Wordpress.com .. Thanks Jodi sending my prayers to you and Brian Caleb and Haven.. Love and miss you all!!! #savedbyhisgrace72


    • So much going on in my life right now, starting my candle business launching my book in August working 40 hours a week!! My blogs as well as my podcast!!!


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