Peace of Mind Comes Piece By Piece

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Ephesians 6 :12

“Pay attention to what you allow in your spirit.”

Joel Olsteen
Peace of Mind Comes Piece by Piece

Decluttering means to remove unnecessary items, to declutter your mind means to remove unnecessary thoughts from your mind – thoughts that add noise the noise that stops one from thinking clearly.


As Christians some of the toughest battles we face are not physical but spiritual. I call it spiritual warfare of the mind.

One might ask how do we declutter our mind when there has been so much built up clutter?

Start by decluttering your spiritual mind, that is the best defense when it comes to relieving stress. Getting rid of the things of the past that has hurt us, such as memorabilia that entails this clutter and mass.

Decluttering your mind is about letting go of past hurts, enjoying the present, clearing the way for the future piece by piece. A future of greatness. A future of Love, A future of respect, living in harmony as to the will of God.

Decluttering your mind will not only make your mind feel less cluttered, it will relieve the pain that once lived deep within your heart, mind, body and soul.

Heartache and heartbreak is something the Lord allows in our lives to bring us closer to him.

Negative past individuals, let them go. Hurtful past relationships let them go. Your past will not defeat you by any means.

That’s just it, your past is your past it doesn’t define who you are today. Who you are today is a new creation in God’s eyes.

It doesn’t matter the individuals that remember who you were yesterday, all that matters is who you have become today. Christ out weighs it all.

I’ve learned that the clutter you continuously allow into your life, if left unattended could eventually cause a chaotic mess such as, bringing unfinished business into the next chapters within your life, from relationships, to workplace environments, even friendship, as well as having a relationship with God.

God enables us to stand firm against satanic attacks. We experience God’s peace in the midst of satan’s assaults.

We also go on the offense, sharing the gospel of peace, stamping out the divisive work of the powers of darkness.

It is not your will but the will of the Lord. Stop trying to declutter your mind alone.

Pray and seek out God for the peace of mind you desperately want.

Pray without ceasing. The piece by piece will get you to the next level of peace from within, it will eventually come. Speaking from first hand experience.

Some night wonder how do I obtain a peace of mind. Today I thought I would provide a couple examples as to obtaining that Peace of Mind Piece by Piece.

Adopt a positive mindset towards life. If you are or have been through alot in life, weeping may endure at night but joy does come in the morning.

Peace isn’t dependant upon anyone but you. Never rely on anyone to bring you that peace of mind that only God can produce.


We are of the flesh with that being said we must consistently stay focused within the word, staying prayed up is what I would call it.

In conclusion; one must remember you are no longer a victim in regards to life’s circumstances, you are victorious as to your Peace of Mind Piece by Piece.

Remember If God can bring you to it, he will surely pull you through it!! Stay the course. He loves us all.


2 Comments on “Peace of Mind Comes Piece By Piece

  1. Even though you wrote this a while ago, it means alot to me at the moment. Letting unnecessary arguments, dysfunctional relationships, and mental abusive people dump their negative feelings and thoughts on to you can begin to weigh you down. I felt like I was in the sunken place, then to get out, to endure, let downs, ridicules, unforgviness, and even hatred from a person who is supposed to uplift you encourage, and support you. Im gonna walk into fear with God. Im gonna overcome the mindset that has me feeling codependent. Thank you for this wonderful liberating blog. It ministers to my spiirt at this very moment. Internally hurting deeply but with Jesus all things will become 🙏 peaceful again. I must regain my confidence in God. Beautiful blog sis. I love you forever 💛


    • Thank you sister for being so honest!! I too have been down that road. Yes it’s up to us to begin that peace of mind that comes piece by piece!! Love you and we both know if God will take you through it he will pull you through it!! Stay the course!! You are blessed!!

      On Fri, Jan 22, 2021, 2:10 PM The 46th Mile Road to Redemption wrote:



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