Bad Actions / Bad Decisions

My Bad actions came from the bad decisions I had made throughout my life.

The bad decisions came from bad emotions.

The bad emotions came from bad thinking.

Bad thinking came from everything that I was exposed to as a young individual.

Once I began to look at my actions, that determined my decisions in life as to doing the right thing.

What I was exposed to determined my thought process.

Once I determined my habits, that built my character, so in order for me to build my character, I had to change my habits.

My destination determined where I wanted to be in life, being set free from the rejection of life’s situational circumstances.

In order to break free of the rejection, I had to draw nearer to God.

What I learned: The Reversal

If you don’t like who you are, change your character.

If you want to change your character, change your habits.

If you want to change your habits, change your actions.

If you want to change your action, change the decisions that you are making.

If you want to change the decisions you are making, change your emotions as to how you feel.

You create your own happiness.

If you want to change your emotions as to how you feel, change the way you think (put God first).

If you want to change how you think, Change what you are exposing yourself too.



2 Comments on “Bad Actions / Bad Decisions

  1. This is so encouraging and inspiring. So Many woman go through hard experiences in life. During those times happiness seems unattainable. However with your experiences, encouragement, and direction I am certain women will find it again. What stays with me is happiness resides within ourselves. This is a amazing and you will be successful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you as to being the first of many with your encouraging words. I love you thanks for being the little sister that you are, we’ve always had each others back I’m blessed to still have you in my life and corner. From Minnesota to California have a blessed New Year!! Follow your dreams as well, we are our own cheer squad. Through the grace of god all things are possible.
      Miriam XOXO


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